BL # 18

I’ve just acquired my first Vintage bike… to be fair though, when I was a kid, all my bikes were older than this one, but for now – for the year 2013, this 1967 Honda CB200 is a vintage machine and in it’s orange, black and chrome, it is a thing of beauty.

I’ve decided that I won’t be going full cafe with the bike – somewhat due to the fact that I don’t want to be responsible for tearing up a bike this well preserved, and partly because everytime I look at it, I like the orginal paint job and well designed parts a little more.

20130614_164228 sml

I like the brat-style more for my own machine than the drop bars and skinny machines that are cafe racers – even though they are stunning to look at, so that is where I’m at. I want to lift also, and so the pillion pegs stay on and the seat needs to be longer than a single seater.

Here’s a list of the mods that I have done:

Removed original tail light, indicators and grab rail.

Removed original handle bars and big mirrors.

Added some mega wide – low rise scrambler type chrome handlebars

Added a single cafe style drop mirror.

Re routed all electronics from hand controls

Fixed the elec start

Inflated the tyres – flat because of standing – still brand new and not perished.

Cleaned the carburettors – really really cleaned the carburettors

New tail light

New indicators (I like the originals, but change is good)

Fresh oil

Plug change

Front brake light switch fix


Here’s what still may or may not happen:

Surf rack

chunkier tyres

Cone filters – behind the original side covers

Fender chops

Skinnier seat on second seat pan – brown leather with stitch detail

Saddle bags – brown leather to match the seat

Tank inlay to be redone in brown leather

Service the suspension – and possibly upgrade rear to piggy back units

Change footpegs to something better looking.

Repaint all black parts on bike – polish all chrome bits.


But for now I’m happy – and it will be an ongoing process I’m sure.



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